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About ExelooAbout Exeloo

Guiding Principles

  • Safety for users of the toilet facility
  • Integration with latest technology
  • Equality of use for all people
  • A product that provides a pleasant environment to use
  • Quality materials and components that ensure a long service life
  • Compliance with code requirements
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Vandal resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ease of Installation
  • Relocatable

Complete Public Toilet Solution

The Exeloo group of companies has been established to provide the complete public toilet solution. With over 1,000 public toilets supplied and installed throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA during a 20 year period, the Exeloo team have extensive experience and knowledge of the public toilet sector and can provide expertise, advice and product for all situations.

Product Range

Exeloo has six broad public toilet models with each of these models having a range that offers single cubicles, twin cubicles, triple cubicles and change room facilities. Most models also offer a range of finishes and features that range from Basic, Standard and Manual to fully Automated, which ensures that Exeloo can provide a product that meets most requirements for features and budgets.

Architectural Style

The various Exeloo models have been developed specifically to meet customers' individual demands and have been enhanced by Exeloo's independent architects, engineers and product designers to provide an architectural appearance that will suit almost any streetscape, surroundings or environment.


Customer demands and expectations have been the key to the products offered by Exeloo. As a result, customers are able to choose from a very wide variety of roof styles, cladding options, internal finishes, component features and products. Exeloo are always looking for improvements and new features to be incorporated in their products and work with the customers to meet their specific individual or functionality requirements.


Exeloo toilet facilities offer a range of unique and patented systems that have been designed specifically to ensure compliance with various codes or to enhance the experience of using an Exeloo public toilet facility. Many of these features are detailed throughout this site.


All Exeloo toilet facilities can offer a range of optional additional features that improve the safety and usability of the toilet facility.


The wide variety of products that can be incorporated into an Exeloo toilet facility ensure optimum functionality that enhances the public toilet experience. Safety is a primary focus for the Exeloo product range which is designed to have

  • high visibility at the entrance way
  • no space for loitering or group gatherings
  • security through door locking, fully self contained facilities so that all ablutions can take place without leaving the cubicle
  • clean non-porous surfaces to minimise any bacteria growth
  • minimal surfaces to touch to reduce bacteria transfer
  • easy clean surfaces
  • non slip flooring
  • timed occupation to ensure that the door opens after a preset time ensuring the facility is available for use by all genuine public toilet users.

Ease of Use

All Exeloo facilities are specifically designed to meet disabled access codes and include voice messages and simple instruction panels. Braille and hearing impaired indicators ensure that all users find the Exeloo facility easy to use and offer a superior public toilet experience.

Customer Friendly

All Exeloo facilities are designed to be welcoming and customer friendly with easy to use touch free buttons, electric or manually operated cavity sliding doors, vocal instructions and special features that ensure that customers have a quality experience.

Low Maintenance

All Exeloo toilet facilities are built from high quality, low maintenance material with the minimum of moving parts and specialised componentry so they are easy to clean and maintain plus repairs can be undertaken by local tradespeople. The auto wash down system also reduces the frequency of cleans by approximately 50%. This feature significantly reduces the maintenance costs of these facilities.

Vandal Resistance

All of the products used within the Exeloo facility have been specifically designed to minimise vandal damage. Many components are recessed into the wall to minimise leverage and all surfaces being non porous make graffiti removal a simple operation.


Exeloo can offer a full range of products and features to suit most budget requirements including special feature requirements.