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Client EndorsementsClient Endorsements

Exeloo is already the automated public toilet provider of choice at over 900 locations worldwide - so when you choose Exeloo you know you're dealing with professional solutions already trusted around the globe.

Read from existing clients to discover their satisfaction with Exeloo's product range and expertise in meeting their public toilet needs:

Waikato District Council

"Hi Sean and the Exeloo team,

Sean - it has been a pleasure working with you. Exeloo has provided a very professional, timely and suitable solution for a reserve requiring a bespoke public toilet facility. On time, within budget and stress free - a job well done!"

Ben Wolf / Project Development Officer / Private Bag 544, Ngaruawahia 3742

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Exeloo, particularly Sean, Roger and Dan, for all your help throughout the last two years in getting our three units up and running. We threw some curveballs at you guys and you handled them all professionally and without fuss. All three units look great and we really appreciate all the hard work."

Daniel Gilmour / Project Engineer / Private Bag 544, Ngaruawahia 3742

Auckland Transport

"Hi Sean,

As always I will keep you guys foremost in my mind for any upcoming work, as your customer service and products are fantastic."

Natasha Plunkett / Project Manager Major Projects / Private Bag 92255, Auckland 1142

"Fantastic thanks Sean, will miss working with you, but I am sure it will only be temporary as if we ever need toilets on the Rail network I would not hesitate in recommending yourself and Exeloo."

Natasha Plunkett / Project Manager Major Projects / Private Bag 92255, Auckland 1142

"Keep up the good work!

You have a team of committed and helpful guys."

Anthony Blom / Busway Stations Leader / PT Facilities Operation Private Bag 92255, Auckland 1142

Wendco (Wendys Restaurants)

"At Wendco we trialled DuraClenz sensor operated basins in a number of our Wendy's restaurants over the last two years.

We are very pleased with the performance received from these sensor operated basin units so we are incorporating them in all future Wendy's restaurants being built by Wendco.

The reasons for our selection and continued support for the DuraClenz product include the following:

· As the DuraClenz sensor operated basin can be recessed into the wall the footprint taken up by the washing area is very small allowing us to provide better bathroom facilities in a smaller area.

· We previously had trouble keeping our bench tops clean and people often left their rubbish on the bench tops. The DuraClenz sensor basin has eliminated the bench tops, the stainless surface is very easy to clean and maintain over the long term and there are no surfaces where the rubbish can be left.

· In our previous bathroom design there had to be a lot of circulation space to allow people to move back and forth between the basin and the remotely located hand dryer. The DuraClenz sensor operated basin eliminates this problem and allows us to reduce the circulation space because all items, soap, water and hand drying are incorporated in one location allowing people to carry out a full hand wash without having to move.

· In previous designs people had to move from the basin area with wet dripping hands across the circulation space to the separate wall mounted dryer leaving a wet slippery tracks across the floor between the basin and the dryer. The DuraClenz sensor basin has eliminated this because the dryer is mounted directly over the basin and prevents the water from being dripped onto the floor during the hand washing process.

· A lot of children visit the Wendy's restaurants and with our previous bathroom design we noticed that many children did not use soap because they could not master the manual soap pump dispenser and many also did not dry their hands after a wash but with the introduction of the DuraClenz sensor basin we have found that most children are delighted to use the sensor operated facilities including the powerful hand dryer.

· In large restaurant organizations we are often at risk of people falsely claiming food poisoning from the food served at the restaurant so it is important to ensure the minimum possible transfer of bacteria in our bathroom facilities. The DuraClenz sensor operated basin eliminates the need to touch any surfaces when washing your hands as the soap, water and hand drying are all dispensed by infrared sensors which ensures that there is no chance of bacteria contamination from our bathroom areas.

· We have minimal trouble with the Exeloo sensor operated basins but on the few occasions where we have needed support or assistance we have found that the team at DuraClenz offer an excellent backup and support service ensuring any problem is rectified immediately minimising any downtime in our bathroom facilities.

· In consumables like soap many facilities provide the soap in a relatively expensive one time use cartridges but with the DuraClenz system we are able to buy our flowing soap in bulk quantities as their large four litre container is easy to fill and ensures minimum expense for soap.

· Water is also not wasted as it is sensor operated so stops running a few seconds after hands are removed so the water is only dispensed while in genuine use.

We are very impressed with the DuraClenz sensor operated basin units and would highly recommend them for any other restaurant operation or areas where a high level of hygiene is required."

Roy Batt / Facilities Manager / Auckland / June 2010

Marlborough District Council: (Owners of 8 Exeloo units over 13 years)

"[Marlborough District Council] has found the purchase of an Exeloo to be an easy and straightforward process as the company provides extensive information on their range of facilities allowing for easy selection and budgeting for new projects. Exeloo provides clear and detailed quotations for the supply and delivery of its units, including all the necessary information to assist in the building consent and installation process. We have always found this process to be straightforward and simple thanks to the case of dealing with the management team."

They continue:

"As far as support and service are concerned we can attest to Exeloo's excellent cost free telephone support service where technical problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently by competent and experienced staff, who can also arrange repair pans and service. On-site service is facilitated by the Exeloo construction team who bring experience in mechanical and electrical systems - they have proved to be obliging and helpful during refurbishment work over the years. Marlborough public appreciate the Exeloo facilities in the district and it is expected that additional units will be installed in due course."

North Shore City Council

"Exeloos provide a high level of amenity, as the exterior and interior are finished to a high standard that is appreciated by the public. We have found that there has been very little vandalism or damage to these units because of this high standard. The features of the units make their management easy. They are self-locking and opening, and can be programmed in this regard to suit local and changing needs. They are also self-cleaning, which can also be adjusted depending on need and use. The built in electronic logger provides statistical information on use, which is extremely valuable in terms of planning for additional units. Use can be compared with other locations with similar characteristics to determine if a toilet unit is warranted.

We also appreciate that Exeloo Ltd provide a turnkey service so that the design manufacture and installation is handled by their specialists. This means that an Exeloo can be installed within a short timeframe providing that all approvals are forthcoming. Overall we have found the Exeloo toilets excellent. We commend the concept to other organisations and Local Authorities wishing to install toilets that provide a high level of amenity, are easy to maintain and clean, and provide for disabled access and public safety."

For all your automated public toilet needs, contact experts at Exeloo today, and discover how we can help.