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Company HistoryCompany History

Exeloo was established in 1991 by the current Managing Director of the company after he recognised the safety and accessibility shortcomings of most public toilets available at that time.

His main concerns were the safety of his children using public toilets independently and the problem of access for his disabled father who needed carer assistance which was difficult in the traditional single sex multi cubicle environment.

The company was established with very little capital, in difficult financial times and relied heavily on the goodwill and encouragement of its first customers and the support of small financial backers and product suppliers to become established in the marketplace.

Within two years of the company's establishment in Auckland, New Zealand, a retired municipal engineer from Melbourne purchased one of the units as his fee to become a distributor for the Exeloo product in Australia and his company remains the major distributor for Exeloo product in large parts of Australia.

  • 1991 Exeloo Ltd Incorporated
  • 1992 First Units Installed
  • 1994 First Distributor Appointed in Australia
  • 1996 First Exeloo III (Saturn) Unit Produced
  • 1999 First Eurokit Unit Produced
  • 2000 Moved into New Purpose Built Factory
  • 2000 First Galaxy Unit Produced
  • 2001 First Galaxy Heritage Unit Produced
  • 2003 First Distributor Appointed in USA
  • 2003 First Unit Installed in the USA
  • 2005 First Orbit Unit Produced
  • 2005 First Titan Unit Produced
  • 2006 First Orion Unit Produced
  • 2009 First Jupiter Unit Produced
  • 2010 First Super Model Unit Produced
  • 2010 Re-designed all models to provide compiance with AS1428.1:2009
  • 2011 Set Up Exeloo Branch Office in Sydney, Australia
  • 2011 Exeweb web-based remote monitoring system launched
  • 2011 More than 950 Units Installed in Australia, New Zealand and the USA