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Australia - NSW, ACT, NT, QLD

Exeloo Pty Ltd has an office in Sydney and services the New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory areas.


The Exeloo Sales Manager in Sydney has been well trained in the Exeloo product and can provide excellent advice and support for Exeloo customers in this territory.

Sales Tel: 1800-501-069

Customer Service - NSW

To support the Sydney sales team in the repairs and maintenance area, Exeloo has appointed an authorised service agent, Piperight Services, for the Greater Sydney area who carry repair components and have fully trained staff able to tackle any maintenance and repair issues relating to the Exeloo product in the region. This service agent can also provide parts, repair components and advice to service technicians working on product outside the Greater Sydney area.

Service Tel: 1800-982-370

Customer Service - QLD, NT

Tel: 1800-994-350

Australia - VIC, SA, TAS, WA

WC Innovations distributes the Exeloo product in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. They have offices in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.


The management at WC Innovations have been involved in the sales, installation, maintenance and cleaning of the Exeloo product since 1994. Their vast experience in public toilet facilities is available to Exeloo customers when they purchase Exeloo products.


Exeloo Sales Manager at WC Innovations has extensive experience of Exeloo toilet facilities and travels widely throughout southern parts of Australia.

Customer Service

The full team of technicians and cleaning staff in WC Innovations' three offices are fully committed to providing the very best of service to customers ensuring that the Exeloo toilets are clean, reliable and safe to use.

Sales and Service Tel: +613-9555-3533


Exeloo Corporation now has an office in San Luis Obispo CA.


The Business Development Manager of our Californian office is supported directly by the Exeloo Head Office and will be able to provide detailed information and quotations for your planned project.


Call us for advice on the wide range of products Exeloo can offer to meet your public washroom needs.

Customer Service

Trained service technicians are available to deal with any repair or maintenance requirements on units sold through Exeloo Corporation.

Exeloo products are also distributed in the USA by Public Facilities and Services who are based in Atlanta.


The management of Public Facilities and Services has been involved with the sales, servicing and maintenance of the Exeloo product since 2003 and they have extensive experience in the product with installation and operation.


The Sales Manager at Public Facilities and Services has been trained in the Exeloo product and can provide information and quotations for the supply of the Exeloo facilities.

Customer Service

Public Facilities and Services have a fully trained Exeloo technician who is capable of servicing and maintaining all of the components within an Exeloo facility throughout the USA and he is supported by a range of cleaning and maintenance personnel who carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of the toilet facilities throughout the continent of the USA.