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Exeloo Accessories

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Today's ever changing society, along with the environments we work and live in, provide some of the hardest challenges where hygiene and durability are required. Duraclenz designs and manufactures product solutions to meet these requirements. Integrating the latest technology available exceed most performance criteria. Sustainability is a critical issue for the future and Duraclenz products are designed to be cost effective to run, maintain and clean, fully relocatable and highly recyclable.

Touch Free Sensor Operated Basin

A wall mounted basin range providing the perfect solution for areas that require a touch free hygienic hand washing facility. Robust construction from stainless steel provides durability and the innovative space saving design allows installation into new build or retro fit situations. Economic soap and water consumption and high speed hand drying ensures efficient touch free hand cleansing. With no exposed plumbing the basins are suitable for all locations. A water tempering option provides the ability to control the water to a desired preset temperature level. Front and rear access models are available.

Electronic Toilet Paper Dispensers

A durable wall mounted jumbo paper dispenser range, designed to provide a measured quantity of toilet paper, eliminating waste and ensuring availability of paper for the user. Robust stainless steel construction, easy installation into new build and retro fit situations. Available in single and twin formats with front or rear access variation. The enclosed cabinet ensures the toilet paper is kept dry and is easy to refill, plus there are variable length settings for the amount of paper dispensed.

Touch Free Sensor Operated Soap Dispenser

A stainless steel wall mounted soap dispenser designed for difficult environments where standard soap dispensers are frequently vandalised. Infrared touch free sensor operation ensures hygienic conditions are maintained and the variable soap quantity adjustment ensures economic soap consumption. New build or retrofit installation and design flexibility make this dispenser the ideal choice for most locations.

Touch Free Sensor Switch

An extremely durable, capacitive sensor switch suitable for extensive applications where hygiene from touch free is of paramount importance. Activation occurs from within 10-15mm of the lens, minimising the transfer of bacteria from one user to the next and reducing the cleaning requirements. The overall diameter size of 57mm incorporating a brightly illuminated ring of blue LED's reduces the need for additional signage and minimises user confusion. The switch is also graffiti resistant.

Ancillary Products

Manual Paper Dispenser

An extremely resilient surface mounted jumbo paper dispenser constructed in stainless steel for durability and hygiene. Safe and easy installation, key lockable with built in friction system ensuring less mess/less waste.

Retractable Seat Wash Unit

The optimum hygiene solution provided by an innovative design washing the toilet seat after each use. Robust and stylish stainless steel construction, economic operation and safety for users ensure this system is one of the most effective available.

Sanitary Disposal Unit

An efficient system providing a discrete and robust disposal facility for sanitary napkins. Hygienic, easy clean and vandal resistant stainless steel design suitable for new build and retrofit situations.

Syringe Disposal Chute

A discrete recessed stainless steel syringe chute providing a safe solution for disposal of syringes and needles into a proprietary hygienic storage bin.

Coat Hooks

Durable stainless steel coat hooks, designed with safety in mind providing a curved finish, special angle and no sharp edges.

For more information on Duraclenz Accessories please visit the Duraclenz website or contact us.

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