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Exeloo Pacific

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PacificPacific Overview

The concept for the Ecoloo Pacific series of products is that Ecoloo will factory manufacture individual cubicles in a variety of sizes. Currently, these come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. For any particular site, these modules can be mixed and matched with various combinations and layout using different module sizes to achieve the customer's requirements.

PacificPacific Structure


The units are fabricated with a robust galvanised steel frame and compressed fibre cement sheet claddings and lining and a flat insulated foam core coloursteel roof.

Fitout Kits

There are a range of individual fitout kits for these cubicles which can include features such as:

  • Retail Kiosk Kitchens for food or coffee

  • Ticket Booths for the sale of tickets

  • Unmanned Buildings for weigh stations

  • Disabled Access Shower Unit

  • Individual Toilet Cubicles

  • Individual Change Room

  • Group Change Facilities

If we do not have an interior fitout kit already designed to meet your requirements, our design team will be happy to create a new design to suit your needs.

Appearance - Roofs

These cubicles can be adapted to meet specific appearance requirements including hip roofs, gable roofs, curved roofs and large canopy awnings.

Appearance - Exterior

Exterior cladding can include flat panel, decorative artwork, stainless steel, corrugated iron, weatherboard. If we do not have the specific appearance you were looking for already designed, our design team are happy to create a style to suit your needs.


To install the Exeloo Pacific unit, a concrete floor needs to be laid to take the required combined unit configuration. The units will be manufactured in the factory and delivered to the site, swung into place by crane and bolted to the pre-laid concrete floor. It is then only necessary to connect the relevant services and carry out minor site work to cover the bolting locations before making the unit available for use.


Each cubicle can be supplied with a variety of operating features from a basis unpowered swing door unit through to a fully automated PLC controlled electronic unit with electric sliding doors, voice messages, wash systems and remote monitoring through a web interface.

PacificPacific Features

PacificPacific Plans

PacificPacific Brochures