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Exeloo Saturn

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SaturnSaturn Overview

One of Exeloo's most established models, the Saturn series, has been refreshed to meet the ever changing challenges of today's society. All models in the series are designed to provide maximum resilience and flexibility at an affordable cost without compromising the benefits and features. The extensive external finish and custom roof design options ensure any model choice can be suitably finished to enhance most surrounding environments. Combined with the extensive range of accessory options also available and various layout formations possible, the Saturn series really does provide the ultimate public toilet solution.

The Saturn series are available in fully accessible single and ambulant only twin formats with all providing outstanding durability and easy clean environments that meet compliance code requirements. The units are easily installed, fully relocatable, contain no timber in the construction and are manufactured in our purpose built factory. Special models are available for locations without power, water or sewage. These units can be installed with a dry vault, septic tank or composting systems.

The design of the Saturn series allows integration with the latest technologies that can improve water and power efficiency, reducing their carbon footprint. Options include rainwater harvesting, black water onsite treatment and recycling, water efficient toilet pans and flushing systems. Extensive use of stainless steel in most accessories and components also ensures any future needs for recycling are catered for.

The latest technological advances at Exeloo provide the capability for a web based remote monitoring system to be integrated into the automated versions that will enable instant access to extensive data including number of occupations, water usage, power consumption, programmable time settings and provide solutions to troubleshooting.

The Exeloo vision is to manufacture public toilet facilities that provide the highest standard of hygiene and safety for users, meet the needs of the disabled and discourage loitering and vandalism.

We would be happy to recommend a model and any additional customisation to best suit your specific requirements, contact us

SaturnSaturn Structure

Floor: Reinforced pre-cast concrete floor that falls to a built-in floor drain allows easy installation on simple foundation pads.

Walls: Reinforced pre-cast concrete walls.

Exterior Wall Surface: The standard exterior surface has a textured graffiti resistant epoxy paint surface. Alternative options include a flat surface, decorative mouldings, ceramic tiles, stainless steel or coloured metal sheeting.

Roof: There is a wide range of roof options available for the Saturn series including combined custom roof designs for more than one unit. The standard roof is moulded fibreglass in a pyramid style aptly named the Cairo. A number of other fibreglass designs and corrugated coloursteel/Colourbond options in a gable or heritage format can be produced.

Doors: The wide stainless steel cavity sliding doors with a rigid aluminium frame are a main feature and benefit. The concealed magnetic locking system provides the ability to programme the unit to lock and unlock at preset times (where power is available). They are also extremely resilient and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the unit.

Interior Wall Linings: Large durable ceramic tiles.

Floor Surfacing: The floor is surfaced with non-slip ceramic tiles and moisture resistant grout.

Ceiling: A fibreglass ceiling provides a smooth stylish appearance.

Facade: Stainless steel panels provide durability and enhance the appearance. An alternative option is a moulded fibreglass facade.

Signage: Vandal resistant Braille signs and indicator lights show the status of the unit and provide operating instructions.

Lighting: A large, vandal resistant stainless steel framed light box is recessed into the ceiling, providing a very high level of lighting to ensure user safety.

Concealed Operating Components: All control devices, wiring and plumbing services are concealed in the service area of the unit reducing clutter and ensuring they cannot be tampered with or damaged.

Accessories: An extensive range of accessories are available including a recessed stainless steel sensor operated basin, electronic jumbo roll paper dispenser, electronic door operation, toilet seat wash system, touch free sensor switches and wash down system. These are available as an option depending on the model and specification chosen.

Contact us to discuss your specific design requirements.

SaturnSaturn Features

Features Summary

  • A safe, hygienic and welcoming environment for users
  • Vandal resistant fixtures and surfaces
  • Access and facilities for people with disabilities
  • Automatic daily locking and unlocking
  • Simple installation and relocation if required
  • Statistics on usage provided through touch screen display
  • External cladding and roof design options
  • Sustainable design
  • Fixed occupation time
  • Music and voice messages
  • Stainless steel accessories
  • Cavity sliding door operation
  • Status indicator light panel

Optional Features

  • Web based remote monitoring
  • Automatic doors
  • Manually operated doors with magnetic locks
  • Manually operated doors with mechanical locks
  • Wash down cycle
  • Touch free sensor switches
  • Electronic sensor operated basin unit
  • Electronic jumbo paper dispenser
  • Recessed sanitary disposal
  • No touch toilet flushing
  • Toilet seat wash system
  • Variable settings
  • Sharps disposal
  • Hearing impaired indicator
  • Baby change table
  • Coin or card operation
  • Emergency lighting
  • Movement sensor

SaturnSaturn Plans

SaturnSaturn Brochures