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Working with ExelooWorking with Exeloo

Exeloo's main objective is to provide the complete public toilet solution. The Exeloo Group, including its distributors, have offices located in the following cities:

  • Auckland
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Atlanta

See our contact page for contact information for these offices.

Services available from the Exeloo Group include the following:

Advice and Consultation

Exeloo's management has vast experience in the public toilet sector and can provide extensive advice on

  • the type of facility most suitable for a location
  • external cladding/finish options and roof designs
  • the positioning of that facility to maximise safety and user acceptance
  • features that should be included to meet the needs of the local community that will be serviced by the facility
  • the best method of providing or connecting to the various services
  • the likely cost of the installation
  • the quantity of cubicles that should be available and
  • the range of other items specifically related to public toilets.


Exeloo have experienced Sales Managers in all of their main offices who will be happy to investigate any site or proposal and carry out a presentation to a committee highlighting the features and benefits that can be achieved from the Exeloo product. These sales managers can provide quotations for supply only right through to full supply and installation of the product and all site works and construction required.

Installation and Site Works

Each Exeloo office has an experienced building and construction team who are able to undertake the full building consent application process

  • securing of the site

  • excavation

  • foundations

  • craneage

  • unit installation

  • service connections

  • paving

  • landscaping

  • commissioning and handover.


If the customer has chosen to install the Exeloo toilet facility with their own contractors, the Exeloo technical staff can provide the commissioning and handover of the facility once the site works have been completed.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty can be provided if Exeloo or its distributor or service agent is contracted to provide an ongoing maintenance, inspection and report service. This is a regular monthly inspection of the facility where an extensive 51 point inspection is carried out on the facility and a report provided that gives a percentage rating for the toilet unit and its condition. During this report process, minor repairs and maintenance are undertaken and major problems are reported and a quote is prepared for the remedial work necessary and presented to the customer.

Maintenance Support

Exeloo offices can also provide a callout maintenance service relating to the particular site as and when required to carry out any repairs or product maintenance required.

Remote Monitoring

Many Exeloo toilet facilities are equipped with web based remote monitoring capabilities which ensure that the customer and the relevant Exeloo service agents can obtain immediate and accurate information on the toilet operation including extensive reports on usage, alarms and current information. This service requires a monthly maintenance fee and provides excellent up to date information on the toilet operation.

Cleaning Service

Some of our distributors offer a full cleaning service where the Exeloo toilet facilities are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis by on staff professional cleaners who are very knowledgeable on the Exeloo product and its operation ensuring a very high calibre of service to the customer and users.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided not only by the trained technicians in each Exeloo office but also from phone support from the Exeloo Head Office in Auckland.

Downloadable Brochures

Exeloo offers downloadable brochures from the website to give a fuller overview of the products available.

Downloadable Operations Manual

Those customers registered with Exeloo's remote monitoring system who have their own login and password have access to key elements of the Exeloo operations manual. This ensures the technicians have this information at their fingertips when they are working on Exeloo toilet facilities.

Exeloo Parts on Web Search System

For Exeloo technicians and customers who have their own password and login to the website, there is a parts list and pricing available which is searchable providing easy access to the parts that may be necessary for an Exeloo facility allowing orders to be placed quickly and efficiently for immediate despatch ensuring toilet facilities are operating continuously wherever possible.

Courier Delivery

Where specific parts not immediately available from the local Exeloo office, these parts are couriered by overnight courier from Exeloo Head Office and are usually available within a day or two of despatch. This service ensures that the product is operational at all times wherever possible.