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Asset ManagementAsset Management

Exeloo and its distributors can provide a range of Asset Management services to ensure that the Exeloo Group is able to provide the complete public toilet solution. These services ensure that the asset remains in top condition throughout its long service life with a minimum of costs.

Quality Materials

All the Exeloo toilet facilities are manufactured with high quality materials ensuring a long service life.

Easy Clean

All Exeloo facilities include impervious surfaces and smooth finished fittings to ensure an easy clean environment that minimises odour.

Vandal Resistance

All Exeloo facilities incorporate vandal resistant finishes and products that minimise the risk of vandalism damage.

Asset Management Services

Asset Management services can range as follows:

Level 1 - Customer Phone Support

Technicians dealing with Exeloo toilet facilities in any location can use a mobile phone to call the Exeloo support service to assist with repairs. This is normally a 9 - 5 service only so it may be necessary to arrange timing to suit in a particular location.

Level 2 - Extended Warranty and Regular Inspections and Reports

Exeloo and its distributors can provide an extended warranty on the product if their inspection and report service is adopted. As part of this inspection and report service, an experienced Exeloo technician will visit the site on a monthly or other regular basis and carry out a 51 point check on the condition and functionality of the Exeloo facility and an easy to read one page report is produced with a score element. While on site, the technician will also undertake any minor repairs and report on any major repairs that are recommended and this report will be followed up by a quote for any major repair work required.

Level 3 - Full Cleaning and Maintenance Programme

Some Exeloo offices and distributors can provide a full cleaning and maintenance programme which includes full cleaning of the toilet facility, usually three times per week or daily depending on the location of the facility, full statistical reports on the operation of the unit and regular maintenance reports covering the 50 point evaluation outlined in Level 2. This service ensures that the toilet facilities are maintained at a top level throughout their full service life. In some locations, this service can also be extended to non-Exeloo toilet facilities so that all of the toilet cleaning in the region can be handled with one contractor.

Additional Services For Automated Units

Remote Monitoring of the Toilet Unit

Exeloo have developed a Remote Monitoring system for the automated versions of the Exeloo toilet facility which provides extensive information on the operation of the facility. Details of this service are outlined further on the Remote Monitoring page.


After 10 years of service, the Exeloo toilet facility may need a refurbishment and upgrade with new components and fittings and this can be carried out by Exeloo or its distributors. In many cases, this can be carried out on site but, in many cases, the toilet units can be removed from the site and returned to the factory for a complete overhaul and reconditioning to be returned to the site in near new condition.

Unit Relocation

One of the real benefits of the Exeloo toilet facility is that they can be relocated. There are many situations where Exeloo toilet facilities are installed for several years but, subsequently, the circumstances of the site change, sometimes due to road widening or a lease expiry. Traditional toilet facilities in this situation would need to be demolished but, with the Exeloo toilet facility, the unit can simply be disconnected from the services, lifted back onto a truck and transported to a new location or it can be re-installed without incident. Exeloo has carried out this process on many locations throughout New Zealand and Australia over the past 20 years providing a huge benefit to the owners of the Exeloo toilet facility.