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Exeloo aims to provide the complete public toilet solution for any environment or location.

Automated Toilet Units

Exeloo Automated public toilet facilities provide an automated wash down system that washes the unit down with disinfectant and water sprays after a preset number of uses then dries the surfaces with high pressure fans before becoming available for the next user. This system can reduce the number of cleaning visits by 50% and provides a safer and more pleasant environment for users. The Automated system also has electric door operation and can be set to lock the units up at night and open again at a preset time in the morning eliminating the need for security personnel. Automated units include a unique recessed sensor operated basin unit that includes touch free soap, water and hand drying, a recessed electronic toilet paper dispenser that accommodates jumbo rolls and electric door operation so a touch button on the outside of the unit will activate the door open signal while a similar button on the interior will close the door and re-open it when use is completed.

Voice messages and clear signage are also provided to assist users.

With the Automated system, a large amount of statistical data is available and is also capable of being connected to a web based remote monitoring system.

Manually Operated Toilet Units

The Exeloo Manual toilet units have a similar finish to the Automated units with no wash down cycle and manually operated sliding doors. They have a PC board controller which provides outside indicator lights showing vacant, occupied or closed. Voice messages are provided to instruct the user how to use the facility. These units have programmable magnetic locking and recessed electronic sensor wash basin and recessed jumbo paper dispenser.

Standard Toilet Units

Exeloo Standard toilet units have a PC board controller which provides outside indicator lights showing vacant, occupied or closed. Voice messages are provided to instruct the user how to use the facility. These units have programmable magnetic locking and surface mounted fittings.


Exeloo Basic units are designed for installation in isolated locations with relatively few users and a minimal vandalism risk. These units include a stainless steel cavity slider door which is manually operated with a mechanical lock, and surface mounted fittings.


Quality of the materials, components and operating systems for all of the Exeloo toilet facilities is a paramount consideration for the whole Exeloo team so any Exeloo product, regardless of the level of amenity included, is constructed with the same quality and attention to detail that sets the standard for Exeloo product.


Safety of Exeloo toilet users is of paramount importance to Exeloo and this is particularly important in regard to the electronic systems in automated Exeloo toilet facilities. With 20 years' experience, Exeloo has developed an operating system that is both secure for users to ensure that they will not be disturbed during the use of the facility and also safe in the event that they become incapacitated whilst using the facility.


Compliance with all disabled access code requirements is a key focus for the Exeloo designers and many of the specialised products that Exeloo has developed are centred around the compliance requirements. Exeloo's experienced designers are very familiar with code compliance requirements for disabled access, structural integrity, electrical requirements and plumbing regulations in Australia, New Zealand and the USA and all units are designed to meet or exceed these compliance requirements. Because of the differences in regulation between these countries, some Exeloo product will be acceptable in some jurisdictions but not acceptable in others. Exeloo's specification sheets and sales staff will be able to advise on these items.

Easy To Use

All Exeloo toilet facilities are designed to be easy to use for all members of the community with clear written instructions and voice messages to assist people to get the most from their Exeloo public toilet experience.


With Exeloo toilet facilities often being installed in very remote locations where skilled technicians may be difficult to find, Exeloo have specifically designed their product with the minimum of moving parts and with systems that can be easily repaired by the local plumber or electrician to ensure that all Exeloo units are consistently reliable over their entire life cycle.

Vandal Resistance

All Exeloo toilets are made with materials that we have found to be particularly resistant to vandalism and graffiti. Ensuring that the units remain in good condition over the long term is an integral part in ensuring that the units are not vandalised or defaced and can provide an excellent service for the wider community.

Features and Functionality

One key feature of all Exeloo toilet units is the robust stainless steel cavity sliding doors that are safe and easy to use with minimal vandalism possible.

Exeloo toilet facilities are manufactured to a full range of features and functionality specifications to meet any site location, customer requirement or budget. These can vary from an isolated beach or picnic location through to a busy main street in Melbourne, New York, Atlanta or Auckland.

Optional Additional Features

The optional additional features available in Exeloo toilet facilities include the following:

Remote Monitoring

A web based Remote Monitoring system.

Touch Free Buttons

A large illuminated touch free button that can be activated without touching the surface.

Seat Wash Unit

Recessed or surface mounted automatic toilet seat washers.

Sanitary Disposal

A discrete recessed sanitary disposal system.

Sharps Disposal

A discrete recessed disposal system.

Coin or Card Operation

Payment for use of toilet facilities.

Baby Change Table

Plastic or aluminium baby change tables are avaliable.

Emergency Release Button

Low mounted override button for door opening.

Hearing Impaired Indicator Lights

To assist people with hearing impairment.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.