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Exeloo's aim is to provide the complete public toilet solution. Exeloo is flexible in working with the customer to provide the special features to meet their specific requirements.

One of the main aspects of the Exeloo facility is compliance with code requirements so the toilet facilities we provide will firstly provide a compliant compartment and will include the required specialised Exeloo features and vandal resistant fixtures and fittings. From this point, the customer and its architect have the opportunity to customise their product as follows:

Interior Features Table - click here

Roof Style

There are a wide range of roof styles available including

  • curved roofs
  • hip roofs
  • gable roofs
  • flat roofs
  • fibreglass roofs
  • zinc roofs
  • no roofs and
  • special roofs designed for water catchment.

Cladding Styles

Cladding options include

  • heavy gauge brushed stainless steel
  • decorative stainless steel
  • compressed fibre cement sheet with epoxy paint
  • concrete
  • graphic film coating
  • corrugated steel or aluminium
  • timber battens vertical or horizontal
  • ceramic tile
  • on site installed brick or stone
  • alucabond
  • and a range of other claddings as required.

Internal Layout

Customers often require changes to the internal layout to achieve certain objectives and these can be accommodated in most instances.

Internal Features

There are a wide range of internal features that can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of public toilet facilities and these are itemised on a separate page.

External Features

External features often include showers, foot washes, drinking fountain, seating and raised signage or patterns.

Water Retention and Reuse

This is often required and can be accommodated with an Exeloo toilet facility.

Solar Power

Exeloo have installed solar panels for the generation of solar power to run the toilet facility.


Exeloo has manufactured retail kiosks for customers that can be designed to match the style of the toilet facilities in the region and can be used for a variety of retail activities.


Exeloo are happy to incorporate customer designs for canopies, awnings, pergolas and other features that can either be incorporated as part of the building or attached to the building separately.

Refitting of Older Buildings

Many older public toilet facilities and buildings have a historic value for the area but the old public toilet design had become a haven for drug abuse and crime making it dangerous for ordinary users. In many cases, these facilities have been shut down. Exeloo is able to remodel these traditional buildings by incorporating our Eurokit Exeloo toilet facility. The interior of these buildings is gutted and the Exeloo Eurokit is assembled inside the building facing directly out onto the pavement providing a fully self contained safe modern public toilet environment.

Nesting of Large Exeloo Models

On some sites, Exeloo have been able to provide a large toilet facility by providing two triple cubicles and a large urinal building all nested together on site giving excellent rear access for servicing between the two buildings which has proved ideal in the busy Wellington night life area.

Dry Vault Systems

Exeloo has provided a range of facilities that incorporate a dry vault system for sites that are not heavily used and have no services immediately available.

Blue Lights

A number of customers have requested blue lights in their toilet facilities which Exeloo can incorporate as required.

Special Tiles

A number of customers have required special tiles or finishes and Exeloo is able to provide these to suit their specific requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.