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Expertise OverviewExpertise Overview


The Exeloo Management team have had over 30 years' experience managing small to medium enterprises and have had 20 years direct experience in the public toilet sector. This large amount of expertise and experience is freely available to Exeloo customers when they purchase Exeloo product.

Production Manager

The Exeloo Production Manager is a fully qualified structural engineer who has wide experience in production management and lean manufacturing. This depth of knowledge and experience ensures that the Exeloo product is built to the highest standard and will provide a reliable facility with a very long service life.

Sales Manager

The Exeloo Sales Manager has a trade qualification in aeronautics engineering and has a wide experience with different people, cultures and mechanical machinery along with excellent presentation skills. This combination of knowledge and experience ensures that customers receive the best advice regarding public toilet selection, siting, costing, features, benefits and operating systems.

Customer Service

The Exeloo Operations Manager has had 20 years' experience with Exeloo and is very familiar with all of the features, operating systems and components used in the different models and evolutions of the Exeloo product over the last 20 years. His team provides Exeloo with a mainstay of support and advice for customers seeking information on repairs or maintenance of their Exeloo facility. This service is available to Council contractors servicing and maintaining Exeloo facilities along with Exeloo's authorised service agents and distributors providing an invaluable resource that ensures customer satisfaction with the Exeloo product.

Installation and Site Works

Exeloo's Installation and Site Works Manager is an experienced fully qualified builder with 16 years' experience in the installation, repairs and maintenance of Exeloo toilet facilities. In addition to his building qualifications, he carries certification for traffic management, health and safety, site safe, erosion control and a range of other qualifications. These qualifications and experience ensure that he can manage the full installation of a toilet facility from building consent through site works, foundations, services, craneage, installation, paving, landscaping, commissioning and handover ensuring the customer has a trouble free installation with the minimum of concern.

Production Team

The Exeloo production team are all experienced fabricators and tradesmen who are passionate about the Exeloo product and dedicated to ensure that they provide the best facility possible from the Exeloo factory. As most Exeloo product is shipped to strict deadlines, the Exeloo team shows tremendous dedication and put in efforts well beyond the call of duty to ensure the customer receives a product that the whole of the Exeloo team are proud of.