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Toilet Refurbishments

Showing the before and after images of two toilets 10 years old in Hamilton, New Zealand

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Toilet RefurbishmentsToilet Refurbishments

For all your public toilet refurbishment needs Exeloo can help. Not only can we retrofit a variety of automated systems to reduce maintenance needs and improve cleanliness and durability, but many of our innovations can help improve disabled-access compliance.

Leading features of our refurbishments include:

  • Versatile: Able to be adapted to your needs.
  • Popular with the public: For improved cleanliness and convenience.
  • Simple upgrades: Able to upgrade existing toilets with a range of automated sensors and components for improved disabled-access compliance.
  • Leading Experts: Exeloo public toilets are trusted at over 700 sites worldwide.
  • Remote monitoring options: To help ensure your toilets are in full working order with ease.
  • Eco Composting options: For remote sites.
  • Durable and reliable: Tested in real world environments to provide a durable public toilet solution, including a range of anti-vandalism protection.

When you are considering upgrading or refurbishing your public toilets, contact Exeloo today to discuss how our innovative and proprietary renovation solutions may be an ideal and cost-effective solution to your needs.