About Us

Exeloo Ltd was founded in 1991 as a family business with a mission to raise the standard of Public Toilets in New Zealand.  Focused on improving the standards of public safety, hygiene and the accessibility of Public Toilets, company founder Dan Glew drew inspiration from similar products encountered while travelling in Europe.  "I was impressed with many of the design aspects in European public toilets and quickly realised that the shortcomings of the domestic products in New Zealand could be largely overcome with smart engineering and innovative use of technology". 

Spurred on by concerns for the safety of his young family using public toilets by themselves and his experience of access problems for his disabled father, Dan set about designing the very first automated public toilet in Australasia.   "Traditional single sex, multi cubicle toilets made it difficult for me to help my kids and for my mother to help my father and so I approached the design from one who understood the problems faced by many people when they were using public toilets."

"We started with virtually nothing, relying heavily on the goodwill and encouragement of our first customers".  Dan's efforts were quickly noticed by others wanting to back the idea.  With the help of some product suppliers the first Exeloo design was completed, a prototype unit manufactured and the first two units sold to the Auckland City Council.  "It was pretty hair raising stuff, in those early days we learned by trial and error but the finished product was something I was very proud of.".  The thoughtful innovations in those first units were quickly viewed by council customers and end users as a superior offer and slowly the enquiries started to come.

Interest soon came from off-shore.  Bill Chapman an ex-municipal engineer found an Exeloo unit in Launceston in Tasmania.  Bill and his wife Barbara quickly realised the potential and made contact.  Bill recalls, "I rang Dan and said we wanted to buy one and establish a market in Australia.  He was at first reluctant, entering the Export market was not his first priority but, Barbara and I persisted and eventually secured our first order for the city of Bayside in Melbourne".  An agreement was struck and WC Innovations became the first international distributor for Exeloo.  That was in 1993 and today WC Innovations has installed over 450 units across the southern states of Australia and remains Exeloo's closest brand partner and distributor.

A key to the success of Exeloo has been a constant focus on innovation and a desire to develop and grow concepts.  A fearless approach to design and a belief in the systems approach rapidly established Exeloo as a valued supplier to councils in New Zealand and Australia.  Another example of this approach was when Dan received an unusual request that gave birth to an entirely new Exeloo unit.  "Bill Chapman had uncovered an opportunity with Coles Supermarkets.  They wanted our self-washing public toilets inside their Supermarkets. I thought, how can I put a fully operational Exeloo into a building that already exists and how do I stop the cleaning water from the auto wash system escaping into the supermarket?  The potential for stock damage or worse, someone slipping on a wet floor was a big problem".  After some true design inspiration the first Eurokit emerged.  A unique flat pack style, ready to assemble public toilet kit that can be inserted into an existing building cavity that has services.  

With success now assured in New Zealand and Australia it was soon time to set the sights on the USA.  Dan explains, "We began to understand that we were evolving a system with universal appeal.  Our customers in New Zealand and Australia challenged us to meet their often unique and specific issues.  Responding to customers and listening carefully to their requirements we developed a real can-do culture.  We were constantly asked to dream up new approaches and manufacturing techniques to meet our customers needs."  That cultural DNA remains today and is an important point of difference for Exeloo and the USA market seemed the logical next step.

Distribution was sought and the story is taken up by Louis Herrera from Public Faciities and Services (PFS) in Atlanta, GA.  "We found out about a differnt kind of restroom company from New Zealand.  We had some great contacts on the East Coast in the transit sector and so with their help we managed to secure a number of orders for Exeloo units in Atlanta."  That tradition of searching for new horizons has continued with Exeloo now having installed over 30 units across the USA with the latest units for California for the City of Morgan Hill and the City of Napa.

Today Exeloo continues in the same tradition of innovation and customer service.  With offices in New Zealand, Australia and the USA the business continues to go from strength to strength.  With an unfailing focus on quality and an enviable bank of knowledge and experience right across the business we are excited to bring the next evolution for Exeloo ... INTELLIGENT PUBLIC TOILET SYSTEMS

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