Changing visitor volumes

10 Jul 2023

Cruise ships are back and tourism is pumping – THE 2022/23 summer season saw plenty of growth in visitor volumes across Aotearoa's tourist hot-spots.

Our units are manufactured to meet regulations, reduce operational costs and improve hygiene in public spaces for visitors and local communities. Prefabrication means that Exeloo public toilets can be installed quickly, minimising disruption to the site. Exeloo units are designed so that they can be disconnected and redeployed if service provisions or usage patterns at a site change. This flexibility helps councils to get the best out of capital investment across the whole life of the asset.

An example of this relocatability is the Picton foreshore public toilet units. With up to 5,000 people coming into the town on days when the cruise ships are in, Grahame Smail and his team at Marlborough District Council were keen to position the facilities in relevant places depending on the season. The Exeloo Design Flexibility allows for this by its simple install methodology, which also means an easy and fast disconnect and relocate process, while ensuring costs are kept down.