Community Partner Standards


Technology helps ensure the convenience, speed and reliability of connecting customers with our services. People matter most to Exeloo and so we have created these Exeloo Community Partner Standards so that everyone coming together to bring projects to successful conclusions has a shared standard for respect, accountability, and common courtesy.

Professionalism and respect

Exeloo maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of discrimination, harassment or abuse.


It is unacceptable to refuse to provide or accept services based on a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under law. Exhibiting this behaviour may lead to suspension or cancellation of the provision of Exeloo products and services.

No Inappropriate Behaviour

Exeloo employees, suppliers, clients and customers expect each other to act appropriately and respect boundaries. It is disrespectful to make derogatory remarks about a person or group. Furthermore, commenting on appearance, asking overly personal questions and making unwanted physical contact are all considered inappropriate behaviours. We encourage all to be mindful of other users’ privacy and personal space. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.

Human Kindness

Calm and clear communication is the most effective way to defuse any disagreement that may arise between you and an Exeloo employee. All expect to be treated with respect and courtesy by one another. This expectation extends to personal property as well. It is everyone’s responsibility to treat others’ possessions with respect and not intentionally damage or degrade tools, materials or any other such possession.

It is our responsibility to provide a professional, quality service to the best of our ability under the normal terms of engagement with our suppliers, our customers and clients and our business partners and we expect that this is reciprocated by our community partners.


The safety of our Exeloo family and broader community partners is paramount. To best protect everyone, we require the following:

Compliance with the Law

Compliance to health and safety laws and regulations in your country is your responsibility. Violations of these standards could cause cancellation of the provision of Exeloo products and services.

Illegal substances and - unless explicitly allowed by law - open containers of alcohol are not permitted on-site or in vehicles used for normal business activities. This is against the law and a serious violation of Exeloo policy. It is the responsibility of all to report unlawful activity to the police.

Following the Rules

Violations of these Community Guidelines may cause cancellation of the provision of Exeloo products and services. Please report any violations to Exeloo, we want to hear your feedback, alert us and we will take action.