Customised design and rapid installation

20 May 2021

Customised design and rapid installation are just two of many benefits of the Exeloo prefabricated public toilet system. The modular construction design is configurable to meet almost any project specification and the contactless environment for our premium models help improve public health and safety.

Exeloo and Changing Places NZ design has council support

A recent Exeloo installation at Rotokauri Transport Hub is the first of its kind: a self-cleaning triple cubicle public toilet incorporating a Changing Places NZ public toilet, private drivers’ lunchroom and kitchenette with lockers, seating and a ticket kiosk.

The fully accessible cubicle meets Changing Places NZ specifications to deliver a hygienic, private and respectful environment for those needing care assistance when toileting. The fully accessible unit has been specifically designed by Jenn Hooper of Changing Places NZ and ensures that the needs of the carer have not been overlooked. “Our design goal is to make sure that all of those living with severe disability including carers, can have a comfortable and safe environment when nature calls.”

Exeloo manufactured the large footprint Rotokauri building off-site before transporting the modules and installing them in just two days!

If you are considering a fully-accessible unit for your next project, please contact Exeloo on 0800 393-566 or, if you would like details of the Changing Places requirements contact Jenn Hooper directly on 021 141 9005.

Minimise disruption to public spaces

Exeloo public toilets can be ready for use within days of delivery for most projects. The speed of deployment means “lock up” on day one with less disruption to the community and improved site security. Our public toilets are designed as permanent structures but can be relocated in the event that the original site becomes unsuitable ensuring the asset returns its whole of life potential.

Check out this video of a recent installation in the Auckland suburb of Beachlands - a changing room and toilet structure for Auckland Council landed and ready to go in one day. Now that’s efficient.

Designed to match the environment

One of our recent projects was at a regional park, Roto Kohatu Reserve on the outskirts of Christchurch. The project brief was to incorporate key features of the environment into the exterior design – this included gabion baskets with river stone and carved poles.

Christchurch City Council project manager, Steven Gray. “Exeloo partnered with us to design a unique and attractive project. The materials used were of an exceptional quality with no unexpected additional costs. I recommend Exeloo when considering toilet options”.

Size isn’t all that matters

Exeloo design resources are free. Council customers can choose from a comprehensive menu of interior and exterior fit-out options. From a range of exterior cladding and profile aesthetics to door opening systems, it is architectural design without the additional cost.

Exterior Wraps

Exterior wraps ignite community pride. Using wrap technology Exeloo public toilets can often become attractive focal points of interest that support place making objectives in parks and urban settings. Whether it is reflecting elements of local history, celebrating artistic talents, wayfinding, testimonials of environmental regeneration or, highlighting regional flora and fauna the themes are endless.

call Exeloo on 0800 393 566 to discuss your next project