Design ‘part of the deal’ with award-winning public toilets

17 May 2021

If you’re a landscape architect working for Council and you would prefer to focus on landscape design rather than designing the public toilet that’s often part of city centre and parks & reserves projects, talk to us.

Minimise disruption to public spaces

Exeloo makes prefabricated, automated public toilets that can be in situ, ready for use within a couple of weeks of foundations being laid, compared with a four-month lead time for design/build projects. This speed of deployment means less disruption to community use of the wider facility – and less disruption to landscaping works around the building.

We work with Councils and landscape architects to deliver a cost-effective solution that’s compliant and on budget. Our consultative process helps to smooth project delivery and save money. Designed and built ‘under roof’ to custom specifications, Exeloo units are purpose built to meet community needs. Whether the desired outcome is fully accessible units to ensure social inclusion or timed entry / exit and auto-clean and auto-lock features that almost half whole-of-life costs associated with traditional design / build public toilets. Exeloo builds a range of automated public toilets with touchless technology, auto-clean and auto-lock features that merge technology and convenience.

Fit in or stand out

At Exeloo there’s no need to factor in architectural design on your next public toilet project. Our expert team designs every unit from the inside out, so that every Exeloo unit is customised and unique to each location. Our in-house design and construction ‘under roof’ solution also means that every unit we produce is faithful to the original design.

With a range of interior configurations, and exterior cladding and roofing options, our finished units are wrapped, offering a blank canvas for designs that can reflect the environment and local history or commemorate a local personality, celebrate an artist’s work, or focus on themes that are important to the community. As a bonus, we’ve found that adding local colour often helps to instil civic pride and decrease vandalism. Happy public, happy client.

If you’d like to find out more, call 0800 7675290 and ask for Josh.