Exeloo - A Market Breaker

10 May 2024

Chances are you have used one of Exeloo’s products without even realising it. Exeloo manufactures prefabricated public toilets and their products can be found in our parks and recreation spaces as well as public transit locations and town squares.

For over 30 years Exeloo has been at the forefront of public toilet design in New Zealand and Australia and has enjoyed success in the USA and Canada. In 2021 Exeloo was awarded the Best Public Restroom in America by Cintas for an installation in Colorado Springs and backed that up the following year with another finalist nomination for an LA Parks installation in North Hollywood.

Success has been hard won with a continued focus on innovation of design and product features. Exeloo pioneered the Automatic Public Toilet System in New Zealand and Australia and is trail-blazing this concept in the USA. With customers as geographically diverse as Auckland City, Melbourne City, The City of Napa and large municipal operators such as LA Parks and recently LA County, Exeloo continues to strive for exceptional service and attention to detail.

Most recently Exeloo products have been used to refurbish seventy-two platform restrooms for the MARTA Network in Georgia. MARTA is the Mass Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and the pursuit of their mission to advocate and provide safe, multi-modal transit services that advance prosperity, connectivity and equity for a more livable region brought Exeloo to their attention.

MARTA worked closely with Exeloo and our distributor partner Public Restrooms and Facilities to develop a security access-controlled system that links to the MARTA central security system. This culminated in a hybrid model that utilises the absolute best Exeloo sensor-based technologies with the local connection services and experienced general contractors to provide Exeloo styled restrooms for their travelling public.

This program has since been expanded to include a bespoke stand-alone Exeloo Train Drivers only public toilet that will be installed onto three stations with the first of this program to arrive in Atlanta for installation later in 2024.

Craig van Asch, Exeloo Managing Director explains, “these developments are just some of the examples of how Exeloo innovates its modular programs to better engage with its customers across very diverse markets.”

This is also true in our home markets in New Zealand and Australia. Josh Hunt (Exeloo Australia and New Zealand Sales Manager) describes an innovative approach to develop the market in New Zealand for changing room modules for sports grounds. “We have seen a trend towards upgrading parks spaces that include sports fields. These areas need changing facilities and Exeloo evolved its product range to include changing room facilities.”

Some of these units have full hot shower features as well as enough room to house entire football teams. One of the first can be found at Beachlands in Auckland and other larger footprint projects have been installed and are being shipped. The latest about to leave the factory is a module set destined for Maclean Park on the Kapiti Coast.

Another recent large format toilet and changing room facility was installed was at Scott Point in Hobsonville, Auckland. Scott’s Point has been designed by Auckland Council to be New Zealand’s first fully sustainable sports park with an aim to achieve the highest ISCA:IS accreditation. The IS rating scheme is Australia and New Zealand’s only comprehensive rating system for evaluating the economic, social and environmental performance of infrastructure assets.

Exeloo partnered with Auckland Council to deliver a facility with design aspects in construction and operational performance that supported the sustainability objectives of the park. For example, the unit utilises solar power and a range of 100% recyclable materials as well as filter and sensor systems that help measure waste and minimize emissions. Another important initiative included the option to use Māori voice messaging in the toilet as well as English.

Exeloo uses a prefabricated construction system. The units are delivered to site fully formed and in most cases are ready to plug and play. Prefabrication is an efficient and sustainable construction method. Some benefits include improved Health and Safety outcomes from being in a controlled environment, lower emissions from less site travel and material handling, less waste as short ends can be used in other projects and there are significant advantages in dismantling and disposal at end of life.

“We are proud of our innovation heritage” says Craig, “and we are excited about several new developments that are in the pipeline this year that we hope to share in 2025. If we get these ones right, we feel we will be ushering in a whole new way to deliver our products and create even more flexibility for customers across our different markets.”

Bringing the best of the world to New Zealand, and the best of New Zealand to the world has fast become a mantra at Exeloo. “New Zealand is a wonderful innovation incubator” Craig explains, “and we have amazing customers that allow us to explore things here that would be unthinkable overseas. For that we are thankful and know ourselves to be extremely lucky”.

Exeloo continues to go from strength to strength, market development, product innovation and a team of fantastic and creative people all draw together to build on what was always an amazing Kiwi success story into a world beater.

The final word from Josh, “we are excited to bring you this chapter and can’t wait to show what we can do in the next.”

As featured in the May 2024 issue of Local Government Magazine.