Exeloo Disaster Recovery

17 Oct 2017

Exeloo Disaster Recovery

Planning and procurement decisions are increasingly focused on assets that can be rapidly brought on-line after environmental emergencies.  Expertise in infrastructure crises management is becoming an important focus and choosing the right infrastructure system will save time and resources when it counts. 

Public amenities taken for granted in good times, become vital during and after the disruption of a natural event.  Water safety and sanitation is the highest priority for disaster hit areas and public toilet systems that can withstand these events are seen as vital infrastructure investments.

Innovative Technologies

Exeloo units are structurally superior and our connection systems are proven to withstand earthquake and flood events.  New “plug and play” technology allows disconnection of vital electrical systems before an event and the ability to relocate the entire buildings to safe ground afterwards increases the assets survivability.  Exeloo toilets can often be easily recovered and quickly brought back on-line eliminating the need to write off valuable amenities and avoiding the costs and delay of rebuilding.

Innovative Approaches

At Exeloo, new construction approaches reflect how buildings react in a crises leading to some interesting discoveries.  For instance, improvements in our frame integrity meant small changes to stiffen the building’s frame and increased load capacity also improved strength for high wind environments. 

Our integrated frame and floor system means that Exeloo units easily cope with severe vibration increasing the unit’s survivability in earthquakes meaning that public toilet units can be brought back on-line quickly.

Intelligent Systems

New Exeloo systems add up to faster response times, lower costs of reconnection and healthier communities in times of infrastructure disruption.  Many of these advances come standard for Exeloo toilets and items (like the Flood Protection Kits) can be added with the longer term view of the life of the asset in mind. 

With a greater focus on climate emergencies at home and around the world our ability to respond credibly and swiftly will increasingly define the measure of asset management success.