Exeloo flexibility adds value

30 Jun 2023

One of the advantages of working with Exeloo is that we offer design flexibility. We're proud of all the units that we install - we take the time to work with councils and project managers to achieve a public facility that is not just functional, but blends in with the environment and has a welcoming visual appeal. The units are built under-roof and brought to the site for rapid installation. They are designed with the future in mind - additional units can be added as usage patterns change.

One such project is the new unit recently added to the public toilet unit in Albion Square, Lyttleton. The town square was developed post-earthquake in the place that the historic Albion Hotel once stood. The new community space included a stage, terraces and play equipment, edible fruit trees and herb gardens along with a carved entrance way - and the look was designed to reflect the town's character and colourful port history.

Nine years down the track this popular community space needed to expand its public toilet facilities. Due to high public demand, a new twin unit was added to the original single unit. Exeloo’s design flexibility and unique modular construction enabled additional toilets to be added on to the existing unit to create one seamless facility.

"We have had outstanding service from Exeloo during our working relationship of 20 years. Over this time, we have commissioned almost 50 toilets - these have included the twin and triple Jupiter models, from low to mid-range spec, right up to bespoke Exeloo units. Exeloo is a quality product that is more than fit for purpose! The Project Manager and myself, along with the public users, are very pleased with the results of the latest installation. Especially with the difficult design of mating the two modules together" - David Greenslade, Christchurch City Council

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