Exeloo Goes Changing Places

15 Nov 2018

Exeloo has achieved Changing Places accreditation for the new Public Toilet installation in Octavia Street, Mornington for the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.  The public toilet system was developed to support architecturally design roofing structure that was fabricated on-site.  The building was constructed using two Exeloo Jupiter public toilet units that were seamlessly integrated to create a modern and unique new community building.  

The first of the two units is a Jupiter triple cubicle toilet made up of two ambulant cubicles and an accessible cubicle. The second unit is the single cubicle Exeloo Changing Places public toilet.  These units incorporate high quality fixtures and fittings and technology that will provide an ablution system that is hygienic, modern and comfortable for all members of the community and in particular those living with severe disability.

Paul Webb and Stuart Brady from WC Innovations in Melbourne were the driving forces behind the design and installation of the project and worked closely with the Exeloo team to create the special building set.  Paul explains, "Our goal was to support the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to deliver a much needed facility that was up to the stringent Changing Places standards.  Aesthetically it also needed to merge seamlessly with the surrounding area and we worked hard to provide the engineering to support the architects design.  I am very pleased with the result and I believe we delivered on both fronts."

To achieve Changing Places accreditation Exeloo designed a complete new platform from the ground up.  Basing the design on our popular Jupiter model we redesigned the floor plan, increased the slab size and re-engineered the frame to support the architectural roof as well as the high technology fittings inside the cubicle.  These fittings include an electric height adjustable change table, a full cubicle circulation gantry system as well as a warm water system among other amazing features.

Exeloo Managing Director Dan Glew points out “There is strong interest in Australia and New Zealand around the Changing Places programme and we are looking forward to helping other councils ensure that all members of their communities can enjoy public spaces.”