Exeloo Goes To Hollywood

26 Aug 2019

Exeloo has opened its latest public restroom in North Hollywood Park, for the Los Angeles Parks Department and the City of Los Angeles.  The opening ceremony on Thursday drew huge interest including LA Parks Director Mike Shull and Council Member Paul Krekorian.  Both describing the new installation as a “game-changer” and the future of parks management.

Council member Paul Krekorian explains “what this brings us is the ability to provide basic bathroom facilities for our park users with a dramatic reduction in maintenance cost, a dramatic reduction on the burden of our men and women that work in our parks and frankly, a better experience.”

The Exeloo unit includes auto-wash and automatic door features designed to ensure the public restroom is used for their intended purposes.  The North Hollywood restroom has two cubicle stalls and each is pre-programmed to lock down after 30 occupancies and complete an 8-minute toilet pan and floor cleaning cycle.  The system does not eliminate traditional cleaning but significantly reduces the frequency of detail cleaning and that has a dramatic positive impact on operational costs.

Exeloo restrooms have been in the USA and Canada for many years and have been in use in cities, such as in Atlanta, Calgary, Morgan Hill and Napa as well as similar ones at two Metro public transit facilities in Los Angeles.

There is currently several units being installed in the City of Hayward, Colorado Springs and the City of Mississauga, Ontario with more to follow.
Public service departments were hit hard in the face of the 2008 economic downturn when approximately 1/3rd of the cities operational workforce was restructured.  This created a huge challenge to maintain public infrastructure.  Innovations like the Exeloo Public Restroom System provide a safe and hygienic answer to resource stretched parks authorities as well as other city maintenance teams.

“It is cleaner, it’s more pleasant than a conventional bathroom and it has music,” Krekorian said. “It’s really going to be, over the long-haul, better than some of our bathrooms around our parks can be.”

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