No smell, no bother, with Exeloo's innovative dry vault design

29 Nov 2021

Exeloo dry vault system public toilets can be found in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations, often close to residential areas. With almost 30 years’ experience in the design and build of innovative public toilets, Exeloo has refined the process and construction of dry vaults to reduce unwanted odour, keeping communities well-served and Councils free from complaints.

Glenorchy and Kingston are two spectacular South Island settings equipped with Exeloo dry vault public toilets, well-visited by tourists and residential neighbours alike. The Exeloo double vault system allows all waste to go straight into the engineer-certified 6,000L tank, fully meeting all relevant environmental standards. By evaporating wet waste via a ventilation tube fitted with a whirly bird on top, the remaining solid waste gets pumped out and taken away for disposal. The whole system runs without any mains services with the option to use solar power for door locking and lights.

“We’ve had awesome feedback from the Glenorchy and Kingston community groups regarding the cleanliness of the units and lack of smell. We’re getting a lot of interest from councils with more geographically spread and remote areas to serve," said Josh Hunt, Exeloo NZ Sales Manager.

“It has been great working with Exeloo to deliver quite a few toilets over the past year and a half. Quite a few of these have been dry vault toilets in high profile and high use locations. Exeloo’s dry vault system is very effective with little to no odour being produced when installed correctly and is designed very efficiently and aesthetically pleasing. Exeloo supported all of these project installations and I found them easy to deal with as they knew what they were doing, communicated really well and finished the fabrication in a timely manner (even with COVID challenges) - nothing was an issue for them.”

Adele Eyers, Queenstown Lakes District Council

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