Tourism Project


Key Project Details

Problem Definition

As an important tourist gateway to the South Island of New Zealand, Picton township and the Marlborough region has experienced huge visitor growth.  The Marlborough District Council (MDC) was keen to ensure that its public toilet facilities better matched local community and visitor expectations.  Grahame Smail from MDC "Our challenge was to increase public toilet capacity in Picton given it was going to receive nearly 50 cruise ship visits during the 2016-2017 season.  With an estimated 100,000 passengers coming ashore we needed to be prepared".

A Key Project Deliverable was to provision the public toilet facilities quickly and with a high level of flexibility to minimise disruption to our valued cruise ship visitors and the community.  These units had to be installed between ship visits which in most cases was just 1 or 2 days.  Timing was important, Grahame continues, "Passengers from these mega-vessels did not wish to be inconvenienced by construction works or unsightly and inadequate temporary public facilities".

Options Considered

Portable Toilets - Styling is not aligned with the image demanded of a high profile tourist destination and are not adequately wheelchair accessible.

Traditional Concrete Block - Large construction footprint can cause unsightly and lengthy disruption.  The building aesthetics also do not align with future thinking of modern and light design footprints that is more prevalent in the design of public spaces.

Prefabricated Intelligent Toilet - Prefabricated structures make commissioining efficient and fast and reduced the construction disruption.  "We were able to re-deploy and existing unit and match the new buildings to create a seamless installation".


Exeloo Jupiter Model Public Toilet - The prefabricated design and intelligent "plug and play" technology met the brief for fast deployment and the contemporary design was sympathetic to the landscape vision and local environment.

Key Findings and Outcomes - Local Council

Relocatable building design meant toilets can be re-deployed as the region develops or site use changes over time.  This underpins true whole of life asset management principles

Prefabricated design meant fast deployment in-between weekly cruise ship arrivals minimised visitor disruption

Demonstrated leadership in addressing a pressing community issue and visitor need

The Automobile Association member survey 2017 sited Picton visitor toilets as among the best in New Zealand

Key Findings and Outcomes - Resident Community

Received attractive, cutting edge public amenities that aligned closely with the local environment

Benefited from improved facilities they can be proud of that better meets their needs

Benefited from prudent use of public funds and asset re-deployment to extend public assets life and future proof for growth

Key Findings and Outcomes - Visitor Community

Gain access to better located, attractive, modern and hygienic public toilets

Were not inconvenienced during construction and re-deployment which improved their overall visitor experience