Eurokit Fast Installation


Key Project Details


Kings Cross has long been an iconic Sydney precinct for visitors.  Initially famed for its music halls and grand theatres its popularity grew after WWII as a night entertainment area catering to troops from the nearby Garden Island Naval Base.

During the 60's and 70's Kings Cross developed notoriety as a red light district but with changes to licencing laws a renewal is taking place.  The area is now reinvigorated with shopping, cafes and gyms with a more residential feel.

Despite these changes Kings Cross retains much of its gritty personality and with high visitor numbers security continues to be of concern.  Public toilets are sometimes a magnet for anti-social behaviour that affects visitors and residents alike.



The Fitzroy Garden public toilets in the heart of "The Cross" regularly featured on council operational reports.  An aging bank of public toilets coupled to a complex vacuum pump waste system created frustration and a desire to act among residents and council. 

A combination of age, wear and tear and a difficult locale created extra political pressure for a council looking to provide a modern, clean public toilet programme for the busy inner city hub.



Arrives as a Kitset - All key wiring and plumbing elements integrated into the panelised structure for rapid installation.

No Set Down Needed - A base frame is placed on a flat finished floor making installation simple.

Fast Assembly - The unique prefabricated design ensures everything fits together seamlessly with most installations completed ready for services in just a few days.

Light Footprint - Ideal for locations where space is a premium, components can be quickly devanned minimising disruption to passers-by.  The structure requires no special structural consent and each panel can be handled by two installers.



Refurbish Existing Toilets

Investigation revealed that the older cubicle configuration could not be altered to meet new accessibility codes.  The aging vacuum pump system would not mate easily to modern wastewater systems driving up the cost of connection.


Remove and Rebuild

A Development Application would be needed to provide for a stand-alone site in what was already a space challenged location.  Construction lead time was outside expectations as ground up design would delay commencement at a site already experiencing significant community pressure to resolve.  On-site space was also limited creating a challenge for storage and security of materials and workers.


Prefabricated Design

Removed the need for external consultants design costs and delays associated with a traditional design and construct programmes.  This ensured that commissioning could be completed within the tight timetable required by the council.

Offered automatic door operation that eliminates loitering and improves public safety as well as an Auto-wash feature that refreshes the cubicles between detailed cleaning.  This system presents users with a fresher cubicle offering improved hygiene and significantly reduces operational cleaning costs for council.



Local Council

The prefabricated option expedited design time and construction lead time to meet the public and political agenda.

The prefabricated design allowed a small on-site footprint and fast installation that minimised disruption to the public

No development application was needed as the works took place inside the envelope of the existing building

Improved reliability that reduced operational costs for the city


Resident Community

Received a cutting edge public toilet system that merged seamlessly with the sensitive environment

Benefited from improved facilities that better meets the needs of the community

Installed with minimal disruption to the public service


Visitor Community

Gained access to safer, more hygienic and modern facility that serves to improve their overall visitor experience to the area